[Scottish] welcome & tibetan linux

pk at robaczki.net pk at robaczki.net
Tue Aug 25 03:24:00 UTC 2009

Welcome! I'm enthusiast & like open source software and try to use it as
much as you do. I’m not in Scotland now but I used to lived in Edinburgh
and was a online member of Edlug. I probably have to move to Glasgow in
three months time  so I feel like a member of Scottish lug. Anyway I’m in
small village in Yunnan province, Upper Yangtze, (China) right now and
doing volunteering job in a Tibetan school
http://tibetanflowers.org/home/index.htm . I want to install Linux in
Tibetan language so I chosen the mighty ;) Dzongkha Linux
dzongkha.sourceforge.net but the problem is that the iso is  in size of CD
so I burn it as cd. When I came here yesterday I found out that computers
have DVD drives only. Is it ok if I burn the 625 MB iso on DVD instead of
CD. I think so but not sure. I go to the town in two weeks time to buy DVDs
so there is no rush to replay .. I also got Debian DVD so I thought I 
could change input from English to Tibetan but never done it and plus I
don't know if I could get all application like Totem, gaim and so on in
Tibetan. I'm happy to learn more C and develop Dzongkha Linux if that's not
too much for amateur like me. Any suggestions.

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