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Sun Aug 30 12:59:29 UTC 2009

I've found out that my Lenovo CDs I bought are poor quality & doesn't work
on my DVD drive, another CDs are fine. (it's shame because I was planning
to buy Lenovo notebook but now I'm not so sure). I just need to buy good
quality CDs & DVDs  and then download ubuntu super os and install it. I've
tried to use my usb to make a live usb system but eventually I broken my
usb drive. I don't know how but doesn't want to open anymore. I've spent
three evenings to make Unetbootin, Fedora & Ubuntu live USB, cd2usb and
evetually I gave up. Anyway next weekend I go to extend my visa so I'll buy
CD & DVDs.
I've also found out that ONLY when you chose graphical install on Debian
than you can pick up Dzongkha language version. When I showed Dzongha linux
to Tibetan teacher he said that Bhutanese differ considerably from Tibetan.
It's shame. There is also Nepal version so may be that one is better. I'll
try it later.
Thank you for your answers

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> You can also burn a CD image onto a DVD and that will work
> just fine also, though you might consider that a bit wasteful
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> Gav
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