[Scottish] wiki

Andrew Johnston andrew.johnston at orklug.org.uk
Sun Dec 20 17:19:18 UTC 2009

Just a quick question (this might make me sound a bit silly) - do I have
to ask directly to get edit access to the ScotLUG wiki?

I'd like to add orklug-related stuff to it (primarily a link from the
"Other Scottish LUGs" page) but I'm not allowed to edit it as I'm "not a
member of the group scotlug" according to MediaWiki.

Is this to prevent 'new user' spam, and, if so, could it be made clearer
on the ScotLUG site how you're supposed to gain edit access?

(and, obviously, if you're supposed to ask first: can I - User:Aorkwa -
be given edit access?)


Andrew Johnston
Orkney Linux User Group

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