[Scottish] New Laptop

John Seago seago.john at googlemail.com
Sun Feb 15 00:31:40 UTC 2009

On Saturday 14 February 2009 16:47:29 you wrote:
> Hi John,
> Have you tried turning off acpi at boot time in the kernel? Most installers
> will let you add extra arguments to the kernel command line at startup. You
> should try adding something like
> acpi=off noapic
> to the kernel boot command in grub. I'm never used Slackware I'm afraid, so
> I don't know exactly how to do it for that distro.
> Good luck!
> Jerome

Having got the live DVD of SUSE 11.1 to work I had at last access to Google, 
and I did manage to discover and get slackware to boot using acpi=off and 
noapic, by appending them to lilo, however I now have the interesting 
problems that, a) the mouse doesn't work, and I am finding after years of a 
mouse the 'touch pad', extremely difficult and counter intuitive, and b), 
shutdown -h now doesn't turn off the power, only the system.

But now I have a usable version of Firefox and Google those will give me 
something to challenge me for a while, by which time I hope to have my 
desktop PC back and running again.

Thank you so much for your help, this laptop has so far provided me with 
several hours of intellectual challenge! 

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