[Scottish] clearout saga, part one of many

Georgia Thomson Georgia at grrl.co.uk
Sun Jun 7 13:07:45 UTC 2009

Ok folks, this is the first part of what will likely be a long clearout 
process.  I'm looking at moving out of scotland on a permanent bsis, and 
I'm not taking things i don't NEED.  most of this stuff is either free 
or exchangeable for some kind of beerage

1 x SGI indigo 2 (the purple one)  free, as i got it free

sparcstation and sparcserver 5. iirc i pulled the ram etc out of one to 
put in the other, and never got round to using them for anything other 
than holding up my printer.  free, as, again i got them free

some sun keyboards and mice.  again, free

1x apple powerbook G3 300 (wallstreet) works but needs a new pram / cmos 
battery, as it forgets the time when totally wthout power.  ideally i'd 
like something for this, as it was my "baby" until recently, but it does 
have to go.

1 x dell SX280 with the power supply. small form factor machine, needs a 
couple of capacitors replaced on the mobo, with a brand new PSU.  
ideally some beerage for it, but again, has to go.

large bundle of cables, from network to DVI, to HDMI, to god only knows 
what, it's probably in there.  if you're looking for anything drop me a 
line, or take the whole lot.

oh, and in a non computing related fashion, if any of you are interested 
in a large aquarium with stand and light bar, drop me a line. not 
looking for much for it, it's just FAR too bulky to take with me.


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