[Scottish] Spare IT kit. FREE!!!!

Tim Brocklehurst t.brocklehurst at henryabram.co.uk
Mon Mar 9 11:55:24 UTC 2009

Ok, the best machine has already gone, but the specs are as follows:

Machine A (Pulsar 350)

Pentium 2, 64MB Ram, 6.4GB HDD, Modem

Machine B

Pentium 2, 64MB Ram (not sure) Unknown HDD. Modem.

Also available are:

2x 15" CRT Monitors
1x 17" CRT Monitor
4x CD Drives (differing types)
1x DVD Drive
2x Modems (internal)
1x Ram that I've never seen before, 168pin, 2 locator slots
Variety of parallel to centronics cables.

Cheers All.

Tim B.

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Chance of a spec sheet? Processor speed, memory, hdd at a minimum would

Ben Thorp

"Tim Brocklehurst" <t.brocklehurst at henryabram.co.uk>
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09/03/2009 10:52
[Scottish] Spare IT kit. FREE!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen,


There is some old computer equipment around the office. 3x low-spec PCs
and 3x CRT monitors. These machines would be fine as home file/print
servers, but would be taxed running an install of XP. I have various
copies of Win 95/98/2000 that would be fine with these machines.


If anyone is interested, please contact me within the next 24 hours. All
Equipment will be binned at 5:30pm tomorrow, unless I have requests




Tim B.


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