[Scottish] JOB OFFER: Linux Sysadmin/Junior Developer - Ideal graduate role

D. Rimron darran at xalior.com
Mon May 11 14:01:59 UTC 2009

Award winning (*cough* I have to say that) Friendly and Successful (are 
there many of those left?) Glasgow Design Studio seeks Graduate (or 
suitably experienced non-graduate) for Junior Sys-admin / Developer role 
and my general PFY/Dogsbody/Tea-fetcher :-P

Ideal candidate will be a fun but committed with a passion about 
technology, specifically Open Source orientated, and thinks of 
themselves as flexibly minded individual with (ideally) a passing 
interest in Design, Photography and 3D/Video Production.

Main duties will involve (overseen) maintenance of approximately 
half-a-dozen Linux installs across VMs, Physical Servers and Private 
Servers and with (cross-training) to simple PHP and Python development 
under supervision of Senior Developer / System Administrators, Project 
Managers and Designers - Perfect role to learn from small, highly 
skilled multi-discipline team and studio.
Bonus marks for: MySQL, Django, Debian, MacOS Leopard, Objective C, 
HTML, CSS, Flash, all that Web2.0 Jazz, being local to Kelvingrove Park 
or cycling to work ;-)

Limited customer support duties will also be involved (mainly 
email/forum based - approximately 1 to 2 phone-calls a week)

Package: £16k->19k [Inital 12month contract with (highly likely) 
renewal/review upon self-improvement]

Ideal first I.T. job. :-)


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