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Brett Sheffield brett at gladserv.com
Mon Apr 5 12:00:56 UTC 2010

Greetings all,

Any hot c++ developers out there looking for some contract work?  If you
know someone suitable, please pass this on.

This is for http://cmlabs.com/, a company I've been involved with for
several years now who specialize in AI systems and have done work with
Honda on the Asimo robot.  This requirement is for an EU project.

If this sounds interesting, drop me an email and tell me why you'd be
good for this role.



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Hi Brett,

I am looking for a technically very good C++ developer for the
project, to start around the middle of May for two months full time and two
months afterwards at 25%, with the possibility for more work if the match is
good. The work is open source and part of a larger open source project.

We will need to find the person quickly, preferably within the next two

A more detailed description is as follows:

Task: to implement a visualization system from specification.

The system is needed to visualize a production system (PS): the PS is
constituted by a large amount of simple concurrent programs that match
patterns on inputs and produce new data (including other programs) on the

This is a challenging design task and the specification is likely to change
over time as we accumulate experience: clean C++ implementation is needed to
ensure that modifications can be carried out for a low cost.

Therefore the requirements are as follows:

- outstanding C++ software engineering skills, acquired in several technical
projects (as opposed to web development, database development, business IT,
financial IT, etc.)

- experience with graphics: both GUI toolkits (e.g. QT4) and 3D rendering
engines (e.g. Ogre3D)

- strong attention to details

- ability to reach weekly milestones

- ability work remotely (self-management)

The target platforms are *both* Linux/64 and Windows 7/64.

The expected duration of the project is 2 months full time plus 2 months at

1 month from the date the specification is released. Full time.

1 month to finalize/modify the code according to revisions of the
specification. Full time.

2 months for support/bug fixing. This is not an intensive work but rather a
supporting role. 25% of the time.

Anticipated starting date: May 15th 2010.

Candidates *must* send code samples of their work on a technical project.


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