[Scottish] GPS Antenna

Julian Gibson julian at rjmg.net
Mon Apr 5 21:19:08 UTC 2010

Hi Kyle

Not strictly answering the question, but I have one half of a steel roof
rail set mounted at the rear and one of the £20 mag mount jobbies (from
memory got it from http://www.gpsw.co.uk) stuck to that.  Wrapped the
cable around the rail a couple of times to give it extra holding.  From
my understanding the the EGNOS signal is transmitted on the same L1
frequency as the regular navigation signals so you don't need a special
antenna, just a WAAS/EGNOS compatible receiver.  Works fine and gets a
nice view of the sky for OSM use.  The 60CSx regularly thinks it is
getting < 10ft accuracy.


Kyle Gordon wrote:
> Morning all,
> I'm about to permanently install a GPS receiver into my Landie, and am
> seeking recommendations for a good GPS antenna. It has to be USB
> terminated and suitable for mounting on the external bodywork.
> I'm _was_ looking at marine grade kit, like Evermore, Raymarine, Garmin,
> Lowrance, etc, but dhear ghord it gives me heart failure when I see the
> prices. There's the usual gamut of £9.99 ones off ebay, but I'd like to
> spend a little more and get something decent!
> So, any recommendations for a decent USB external GPS antenna? I'd
> rather the inevitable onboard serial to USB bridge doesn't randomly
> flake out like my current PL2303 one, and preferably something that
> supports WAAS/EGNOS too... maybe even Galileo if possible :-)
> Cheers
> Kyle

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