[Scottish] Which ISP - It's that time again

Brett Sheffield brett at gladserv.com
Tue Apr 6 14:24:42 UTC 2010

Colin Speirs wrote:
> Thanks for the advice folks.
> Just phoned BE but as they do not provide a phone line, and as my line
> is with Orange, it looks like a two stage step to transfer, which, in
> either case, would leave me without broadband for a while.
> So the BT line is on top of the BE one too.
> Still considering BE but its a nigggle

AAISP (Andrews and Arnold) will supply a BT phone line for you, which
you can use for a BE connection though AAISP.  You won't be able to use
it to make calls though.  That's what we do, and given we use VOIP the
lack of calls thing isn't an issue.


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