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On Thursday 08 April 2010 13:00:02 "Arron M Finnon"  <finux at finux.co.uk> 
> Have no fear, the next mp will I see will be getting more than a debate
> from me.

There is one advantage to living in Scotland, during a General Election, 
whilst MP's will have to step down, "Write To Them",
http://www.writetothem.com/ will still be operating for both constituency 
and list MSP's, a letter/message telling their offices that one will not 
only NOT be voting for their Westminster Candidate, but actively 
campaigning AGAINST them will get to the candidate via the party office. As 
the polls are all over the place, this will at the very least upset their 
calculations and canvass returns! 

The Conservatives and Lib Dem's helped to push it through the Lords, whilst 
the bill originated with Mandelson and Nu Labour. there must be candidates 
in most Scottish Constituencies who didn't support the bill who can be used 
as a stick to beat the other three.
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