[Scottish] Fwd: [scotrug] GitHub and Heroku talking at TechMeetup Aberdeen

Robert Lazzurs rob at lazzurs.net
Fri Apr 16 11:57:19 UTC 2010

Figured this might be of interest to the membership here too.

Exciting announcement coming shortly about our meeting this month too.

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Subject: [scotrug] GitHub and Heroku talking at TechMeetup Aberdeen
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I know that this is not strictly a ScotRUG thing, but it'll definitely
be of interest.

PJ Hyett and Kyle Neath of GitHub and Blake Mizerany of Heroku will be
giving a talk and doing a Q&A live at TechMeetup in Aberdeen next
Wednesday (21st April). It would be very cool if you guys and girls
could all make it up the road too. I appreciate that it's last minute
and it's a school night, but I only just had confirmation the other
day. There is also a drinkup on the Thursday night for those that
either can't make the Wednesday or fancy going to both.

If you have any questions, post a reply.

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