[Scottish] Connect to a network from CLI

Marco Fontani mfontani at cpan.org
Mon Nov 15 13:20:00 UTC 2010

>> So I am sat in a cafe thinking "TTY's not so bad, I've got w3m installed
>> and I just want to read the news anyway..." and that's where I came
>> unstuck. Could I figure out how to connect to a network from the CLI?

I ditched NetworkManager for wicd, which does come with a wicd-curses
interface. Works very well for me.

It _does not_ work properly if networkmanager is also installed. The
logs and debug messages you get if both are installed do not make it
easy to identify the root cause (that networkmanager is also trying to
manage the connections).
That bit me when I installed kubuntu on top of ubuntu, which pulled
networkmanager again: it puzzled me for quite a while.

Never had a problem with it since, and I use it on both my netbook and
the desktop (both connecting wirelessly, but only the netbook
connecting to cafes' networks for obvious reasons).


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