[Scottish] Some free hardware for pickup in the Paisley area

DRYSDALE KEVIN kevin.drysdale at ntlworld.com
Sun Nov 21 22:24:20 UTC 2010


Some free hardware for pickup in the Paisley area, if anyone wants it - I'm
in the process of clearing out my old bedroom in my parents' place:

Viglen Dossier M 12.1T laptop
12.1 inch TFT display, max res of 800x600 (uses a NeoMagic chipset)
Pentium 166MMX CPU
Removable CD-ROM drive
1 x each of USB, PS/2, serial, parallel, PCMCIA ports
Comes with charger, floppy drive and cable, Netgear FA410TX PCMCIA NIC and
dongle, full set of Viglen manuals, and carry case
Currently dual-booting Windows 98 and BeOS

A bit of history on this one: it was my main laptop at Uni in the 90s.  It's
still in perfect working order when running off the mains, though I presume
the LiOn battery gave up the ghost years ago.  I know from previous
experience it runs Windows 95, 98 and NT 4.0 without any problem, as well as
Red Hat Linux, Solaris, OS/2 Warp and BeOS.  The hardware is supported under
each of the above to varying degrees, with the display being the most
problematic, I seem to recall.

Apple Macintosh PowerBook 150 laptop
640x480 passive matrix monochrome display
68030 CPU, no FPU
Integrated floppy drive
1 x each of ADB and MicroSCSI ports (the HDI-50 style, I think)
Currently running System 7.1.1 and various apps (Claris, Norton, etc)
Comes as-is, battery presumed to be dead - you will need to bring your own
Apple PowerBook 1xx series AC adapter to the party, as I only have one left
and need it for the PowerBooks I want to keep.

I think I bought this one off of eBay years ago for reasons that are lost to
the mists of time, and then never actually did much with it.  It seems to
work just fine, but as stated above, you would need your own old-style grey
charger brick to run it, as the battery (either NiCad or NiMH) is long dead.

And finally, saving the (possibly) best 'til last:

Sun SPARCstation 5
Spec (from memory): 32MB RAM, integrated 4 x Sun CD-ROM, ~50 MHz SPARC CPU
Comes as-is: will need to supply own keyboard and mouse

The details are skimpy on the above since I didn't have the time to properly
test it, nor did I have a 13W3 adapter on my person.  It was my main machine
at work for a time in the early to mid 2000s.  It's running either Solaris 8
or Solaris 9, and should be in perfect working order.  I added the CD-ROM
drive later myself, I recall.  It has integrated 10MB UTP Ethernet, all the
usual Sun ports you'd expect, though I should point out it's the old-style
Sun graphics card, for which you'll need a 13W3 to VGA pass-trough adapter
to connect to anything other than an old-school Sun CRT display.
That's it - if anyone wants any of the above, please let me know and I'll
provide the address and contact details.  If I've had no interest in two
weeks time, it'll all be going in the bin.
-Kevin Drysdale.

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