[Scottish] Tomorrow's meeting!

Dave Hibberd dave.hibberd at gmail.com
Wed Nov 24 14:52:22 UTC 2010

Hello all!

I'm Dave, known to most as Hibby, and if you've not found out by now, it
seems that I've taken over as maintainer of Scotlug through a strange set of
events <http://www.scotlug.org.uk/wiki/2010-10-28>. Great!

So, we're scheduled to have a meeting tomorrow, it seems! Sorry I've not
been in contact sooner - I plan on emailing everyone a week before and then
the day before to remind us all - I'm good at forgetting about it or being
busy, and I'm sure everyone else is too!

So, tomorrow I want to have a discussion about that boring thing known as The
Future of Scotlug <http://www.scotlug.org.uk/wiki/2010-11-25>, but I feel
it's quite important we get this out the way now so that next year we can
have a fantastic year, run some cracking events and increase member numbers!

First off, read the wiki article I linked, and then come back to your

Read it? Great - so... As I'm not going to be about tomorrow, does anyone
want to step up and mediate the discussion? If you want to, drop me an
email, or reply to the list, and I'll send you my points of view / opinions
on things to add to the chat.

Next up, I'm really keen for opinions/questions/comments - Do you like my
(somewhat) relaxed style of emails and wiki entries, or should I perhaps be
a *bit* more formal about it? Do you have any ideas for talks? Do you have
any suggestions for events or people I can get in contact with to ask them
to come and see us?!
You can add them to my talk page on the wiki, PM me on IRC, reply to my
inbox, tweet me @hibbie and so on and so forth - I'm pretty contactable!

Looking forward to next month, I'm pretty sure we've got some talented
people in our wee group - some are good with the web, some are good with
local programming, some are good at breaking Linux. Have you got a project
or two that you're engrossed in? Think others will be interested in it, and
the problems you've come across and overcome? Drop me a message, as I'm
quite keen to have a scotlug projects night, or a section at the end of the
meetings where someone in the group talks about something cool they've done
- similar to Kenny Coyle's fantastic radio sections, but much shorter!

Who knows, maybe you'll get some useful feedback to improve your project, or
fix a problem you're stuck on!

I know I've just dumped a vast quantity of reading in your inbox, but I hope
it's all worth it and you all can appreciate that fact!

See you all soon!


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