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Wed Dec 7 12:23:37 UTC 2011

Hi, I'm just wanting to mention a project I'm working on at the
moment Basically I'm working on an economic/political theory (based
on communism/Marxism), where everyone is essentially free to do as
they please (very few laws, though they can be made through a directly
democratic system).

There are more details at: http://www.johnthomson.me.uk/jotism

It might be worth reading the "An introduction to Jotism v2.", as it
goes into some detail about Jotism and how Jotismland will be run.
Basically I'm looking for people who can help add to the document, and
more importantly, volunteer to help start up Jotismland. I'm going to
be in Edinburgh on the 29th December, if anyone wants to meet up with
me just reply to this, I think (sorry, first time emailing to a
mailing list lol).

Thanks, John Thomson, JOT.

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