[Scottish] Broadband advice

Marco Fontani mfontani at cpan.org
Wed Jan 5 14:03:52 UTC 2011

> I'll be telecommuting (which will be a new experience) and wondered
> if people had any advice on a decent ISP?

At home, my ISP is demon (home office package) and I am quite happy with them.
My partner telecommutes a couple days a week and we have no problems
with the connection.
Luckily we are near the phone exchange, so we get an ADSL2+ with 20
MiB down / 1 MiB up for ~£24.99 a month.

I know of at least one person at the Glasgow Perl Mongers which sings
the praises of Andrews and Arnold (http://www.aaisp.net.uk/), and have
been thinking of switching myself. Their service is reportedly great.
Their plan for 3GiB/month daytime + 50 GiB/month evenings/weekend
comes at £24.44 which is pretty much the same as demon.

I have not switched yet as I have not been able to determine how much
data is transferred when my partner works from home (our router is not

By the way, if anybody is interested to join the Glasgow Perl Mongers:
we will have our next technical meeting on Thursda 2011-01-13, see

Hope this helps :)

Marco Fontani

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