[Scottish] Summer Hiatus

Kenny Coyle kenny at heloo.net
Thu Jul 26 12:23:35 UTC 2012

Hey all!

Just sending out a quick email to avoid any of the confusion that we
had last month.

The Summer months have always been quiet for ScotLUG and a lot of us
have been busy/ unavailable during these past few months. There will
not be a meeting tonight.

We will however have a meeting next month and details of that will
follow very soon. We have a fresh collection of new students coming in
the direction of Glasgow in the next few months, our next 2 meetings
lie quite during freshers week for different Colleges/ Universities in
the area and I think we should be taking full advantage of this.

As always, any ideas for talks are always welcome on the Wiki, this
Mailing List or anywhere that we'll see it ;)

Looking forward to seeing you all again next month.


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