[Scottish] BBS / mini social network network software

Colin McKinnon colin.mckinnon at ntlworld.com
Tue Apr 16 21:08:31 UTC 2013


As the computer guy, I've become responsible for the Scottish Rat Club's 
website (my daughter breeds and shows fancy rats). The current online 
provision is not great - some static HTML pages and a freebie invision BBS.

Increasingly online activity is moving onto facebook :(

I think we could do a lot better with the SRC website - and hence 
looking for suggestions as to software to run it. I'd want a basic CMS, 
a BBS, support for blogs, user pages - public and member only splits. 
User admin is essential, other nice things would be:

- mobile client (HTML5 app / responsive design / native app)
- configurable archiving
- payment processing (but this is down the list a bit)

Since I spend my working day untangling Java mess and this will be 
running on a cheap virtual host, it'll need to be LAMP. And since, when 
I'm not untangling Java, I'm fixing performance problems and fighting 
phishing, I'm not particularly keen on Wordpress nor Joomla.

Googling for open source CMS turns up *lots* of different packages - but 
wading through their websites to find out how well they meet my needs is 
rather tedious.



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