[Scottish] Tomorrows Meeting

Kenny Coyle kenny at heloo.net
Wed Aug 28 10:41:16 UTC 2013

Hey all, A quick reminder about tomorrows meeting at the usual Spot, the
Electron Club in the CCA. Open Street
Open Source and Q&A

As of this month, we’re going to be augmenting the Q&A part of our meetings
with general Open Source work, questions and (hopefully) – guidance. It is
our hope that you can use this time to work on/ with a project that you’re
really passionate about, if not get advice on how to go about doing this.

We’re reserving 20 minutes for this just now as a trial run, if things go
as well as we hope, it will become a very regular thing.

We will be spending a portion of this meeting planning the next year, very
much as we did last year. This is where we need everyone to get in on the
discussion. Make ScotLUG YOURS. No idea is too mental…
 Paisley Beer Festival

To keep with ScotLUG tradition – those of you of age to drink alcohol are
invited to join us on the ScotLUG Paisley Beer Festival trip. We need to
get numbers of how many people are coming as early as possibly, so please
email me if you’re interested. If there’s enough people it might be worth
putting together a pool to get team t-shirts made up as we have in previous

You’ll need to ask one of the old-timers on IRC what’s involved as this is
my first one too!a

As always, for more information – you can visit the website at

Hope to see you all there!

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