[Scottish] Router suitable for a small home network

William Nelson wnelson at geeksoc.org
Sun Dec 8 22:41:27 UTC 2013

Hi there,

Sorry to hear about the problems the storm caused you.

So, considering the price difference between the two models you
mentioned, the ballpark figure is rather up in the air. If you haven't
come across it before, broadbandbuyer.co.uk isn't a bad site to get an
idea of what's available.

This will probably get me shot, but, if you want something that should
just work, you may look at the higher rated linksys. I've also heard
good things about the better rated TP-Links, although it sounds like
you've have a bad experience with one of their models. Up in the higher
price range of the D6200, I would possibly recommend the draytek,
recently acquired a higher model and have had a most enjoyable parting
from the BT HomeHub.

Hope the link helps.

Sorted by WAN Type ADSL:

On 08/12/2013 22:35, Jason Irwin wrote:
> I have a Buffalo Dual Band Nfinity WZR-HP-AG300H-EU. Works well, DD-WRT (so
> dnsmasq etc). Only real issue I have with it is that it isn't possible to
> separate wired traffic (e.g. port 1 for untrusted [TV], port 2 for work,
> ports 3 & 4 for home). There may alse be a compatibility issue with OS X
> (Safari hangs - but the MBP is suspect). GNU/Linux and Windows work
> perfecly. That may or may not be an issues for you.
> About £70, I think there's a new version out too.
> Also...surge protectors! :-)
> On 8 December 2013 22:16, John Gordon Ollason <john at houseofdeer.co.uk>wrote:
>> I have a small domestic network comprising my linux box (wired), my wife's
>> PC (wireless), an Iyonix (a computer that nobody has ever heard of)
>> (wired), the tv (wired) a RaspberryPi (wired), and a network printer
>> (wireless). I am connecting to a bog-standard dsl broadband ISP.
>>  On Thursday last at 0640 we had an almost directly overhead stroke of
>> lightning: flash, bang, and the lights went out. We were lucky: the only
>> casualty was the router; a neighbour lost all of his electronic equipment.
>>  I went to town to the only computerish shop and bought the only
>> replacement router that they stock TP-Link TD-W8961ND and I am not very
>> impressed with it.
>>  The web-interface is extremely slow and hangs a lot. The router seems to
>> be rather sensitive to temperature and has needed to be restarted after
>> only about 8 hours of service, and with the feeble web interface, that took
>> about 20 minutes. In fact the web-interface has died altogether now so I
>> can't reconfigure it or do a soft reboot, but at least it's talking to me.
>> So off I went to PCWorld was sold a Netgear D6200, get it home and
>> discovered that it can't be configured by an ethernet connexion: it has to
>> be configured wirelessly. So I configured it and it was easy to get my
>> wife's PC online. Then I tried plugging in the ethernet connectors.
>> Nothing, Downloaded the manual from Netgear: nothing helpful. Fiddled about
>> with the connectors and got two out four connected but only for a short
>> while (the sockets have a nasty floppy feel about them). So it's going back
>> to PCWorld tomorrow.
>> So can anybody recommend a decent no-frills, solid router with at least
>> four ethernet sockets and wifi that can be reliably configured from a
>> web-interface?
>> Thanks in advance.
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