ScotLUG :: Thursday 23rdth February 2017

Kenny Duffus kenny at
Fri Feb 24 14:59:24 UTC 2017

On Monday, 20 February 2017 21:20:46 GMT, Kenny Coyle via Scottish wrote:
> Hey all,
> The next ScotLUG meeting will be on Thursday 23rd February at 
> the usual Spot, the Electron Club in the CCA.
> We should be kicking around the Electron Club around 7:00PM.
> We will be adjourning to a local bar afterwards, the exact 
> location to be confirmed on the night as we need to check on 
> availability of space at the CCA Bar.
> This Month we will be hosting a workshop, following a similar 
> theme to last months very successful talk. This month we will be 
> covering how to set up and use personal VPNs. Covered in 2 
> sections:
> • What is a VPN and why might I want to use one?
> • How do I run my own VPN Service?

Some links from last nights meeting:

Setting up openvpn

List of VPN providers rated for annonimity

Setting up your router to send traffic out over a vpn



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