ScotLUG :: Thursday 24th May 2018

Kenny Coyle kenny at
Mon May 21 10:01:41 UTC 2018

Apologies all, the next meeting will be on Thursday 31st of May!


On Mon, May 21, 2018 at 11:00 AM Kenny Coyle <kenny at> wrote:

> Hey all!
> The next ScotLUG meeting will be on Thursday 24th May at the usual spot,
> the Electron Club in the CCA. We should be kicking around the Electron Club
> around 6:45 PM. We will be aiming to start the talk at 7:30 PM.
> This month, we have Alistair McInkay talking about the state of current
> IRC services.
> Proprietary, hosted chat services are becoming the norm in businesses and
> even for open source projects. Why are they not using IRC?
> Using a proprietary, hosted chat service restricts businesses and
> communities in what they do with their data, it provides vendor lock in,
> and fragments the chat industry. There are reasons that these chat services
> are used, and the IRC community needs to respond to this.
> This talk will go over the reasons that people use modern chat clients
> like Slack, and how we can make IRC more modern to allow people to come
> back to a more open chat protocol, while not alienating existing users and
> dealing with backwards compatibility.
> Following the talk we will be adjourning to a local bar, this is likely to
> be the Terrace Bar of the CCA.
> Hope to see you all there!
> Thanks,
> Kenny.

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