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Hi Kenny,

I hope you’re well and don’t mind me getting in touch.  I have a slightly odd request, but am hoping you might be able to help!

I’m Vicki from TVI Vision, a TV production company based in Glasgow.

We're currently making a documentary for the BBC about Silicon Glen, the area of Scotland which once boasted many big electronics companies. One of the main focuses will be on IBM, which had a huge base in the town of Greenock. We’ll be speaking to former workers and looking at the social history of the company in Greenock and the story of the electronics industry in Scotland too.

We’ll be looking at some of the products manufactured in Greenock over the years - one of those being the IBM ThinkPad. (Before it was later taken over by Lenovo). The ThinkPad, and especially the earlier IBM versions, seems to have attracted a cult following.

We’re currently on the lookout for any individuals, companies or enthusiasts who still use or collect the early IBM ThinkPad models. Someone mentioned that people in the Linux community might be big IBM Think Pad users.

I wondered if anyone in your group does, or could point us in the right direction. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’d be grateful if you could help to circulate this message around the group. I can be reached on 0141 573 0552 or via email at vicki.watson at tvi-ltd.co.uk<mailto:vicki.watson at tvi-ltd.co.uk> if anyone can help.

Many thanks and best wishes,


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