[Sussex] Test

Nik Butler nik at wired4life.org
Sun Nov 3 20:41:01 UTC 2002

> Please no....... (Nik are you mad?)
aaaaah c'mon. the resturaunts are average , the parking irrelevant if you park
in crawley ( for free I might add ) and get a train ( 1.20 return ) and the
associatted resturaunts are not to shabby. on the and you have excellent
access for anyone arriveing by train ( which Im taking as the route for those
in favour of drinking or in need of easy access ) .

As for ambience <grin> I say we bring our own ... heheh 
> Have I made myself clear? :-)
yeah... but it was just a first suggestion, rein in the virtriol <grin>

and I thought about it cause I actually considered a convenient place for Mrs
Ford to get access to as well as any other members who need good access.. that
was all. 

most places to meet for drinks and food by now are a real bitch to reserve.

Still if we are all in consensus as to no at Gatwick is there somewhere where
we can ensure 

1. Ease of Access for all members
2. Good available parking and transport
3. good choice of meals and drinks.
4. options of after meal entertainment .... 

Ho hum


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