[Sussex] Test^H^H^H^H Christmas Meeting

Geoff Teale Geoff.Teale at claybrook.co.uk
Mon Nov 4 08:42:01 UTC 2002

Nik wrote:
> aaaaah c'mon. the resturaunts are average , the parking 
> irrelevant if you park
> in crawley ( for free I might add ) and get a train ( 1.20 
> return ) and the
> associatted resturaunts are not to shabby. on the and you 
> have excellent
> access for anyone arriveing by train ( which Im taking as the 
> route for those
> in favour of drinking or in need of easy access ) .

It's true that pretty much everyone from Brighton westward can get a train
to Gatwick pretty easily.  I imagine anyone coming from East of there would
have to go into London and come down.

I would certainly be in favour of a Gatwick meet purely for my own
convenience.  A could probably put a couple of people up at my place in East
Grinstead (only a short cab ride from Gatwick) if they wished.

> As for ambience <grin> I say we bring our own ... heheh 

Yeah, the company you keep is more important than the food that you eat.. :)

Still Gatwick is not the nicest place in the world.  We could go the other
way - down to Brighton - there are some very good Restaurants down there!

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