[Sussex] Christmas Meeting

Steve Dobson SDobson at manh.com
Mon Nov 4 09:47:01 UTC 2002


Guess I should have read you e-mail before replying to Nik's.

On 11/4/2002 at 3:43 AM Geoff Teale wrote:
> Nik wrote:
> > aaaaah c'mon. the resturaunts are average , the parking 
> > irrelevant if you park
> > in crawley ( for free I might add ) and get a train ( 1.20 
> > return ) and the
> > associatted resturaunts are not to shabby. on the and you 
> > have excellent
> > access for anyone arriveing by train ( which Im taking as the 
> > route for those
> > in favour of drinking or in need of easy access ) .
> It's true that pretty much everyone from Brighton westward can get a
> train to Gatwick pretty easily.  I imagine anyone coming from East of
> there would have to go into London and come down.

No it not to bad.  Trains from Eastbourne go via Lewis and then on up
to Gatwick (takes about an hour).  From Hastings the train goes into
Eastbourne and the buddy up.

I agree that Gatwick has good access.  I (and Mrs. Ford) just don't like
the place for a Christmas party.

> I would certainly be in favour of a Gatwick meet purely for my own
> convenience.  A could probably put a couple of people up at my place in
> East Grinstead (only a short cab ride from Gatwick) if they wished.

Okay that makes it 2:2.  We need someone else to break the dead lock.
Cast your votes now!!!!!

> > As for ambience <grin> I say we bring our own ... heheh 
> Yeah, the company you keep is more important than the food that you
> eat.. :)

True, but rememeber "Stale BR sandwiches do not a Christmas Feast make."
> Still Gatwick is not the nicest place in the world.  We could go the
> other way - down to Brighton - there are some very good Restaurants down
> there!

A much better idea.  Rather than pick one join just paint the town red.
Or as much of it as we can stagger to (mobility limits [alcohol & physical

> From an atmosphere point of view you can't beat Mamma Cherie's Soul Food
> Shack - deep fried catfish and jumbalay is a real Christmas dish ;)

I now see the point behind Gatwick.  We can each eat the food of our 
choice.  Geoff in Mamma Cherie's, me (I quite like the sound of the catfish
and jambalay - but for the sake of this argument) in the Pizza Hut, Nik in
Harry Ramsden's, Gareth in McDonald's.  We find a power point somewhere in 
the middle to plug in the WiFi basestation so we can "talk" via e-mail.

> > and I thought about it cause I actually considered a 
> > convenient place for Mrs
> > Ford to get access to as well as any other members who need 
> > good access.. that was all. 
> There are two good points here - 
> 1. Access.   I agreee that this is a concern.  Good thinking.

True - but that depends on who can make it.

> 2. Partners.  Natalie is on the list, and is a geek ("chicks dig LINUX"
>  - although in Natalies case that should read "Ladies prefer LINUX, but
>     they marry OS X"), however, should we bring partners with us?
>     In some respects this would make yet another christmas meal / night
>     out more politically acceptable for those of us who are married.  In
>     all likelyhood the Mrs's won't want to come - but they do like to be
>     invited ;)

Only if you have one.  I'm not going to go out and rent one myself ;-)

> > most places to meet for drinks and food by now are a real 
> > bitch to reserve.
> Agreed.  Thus we should go for somewhere people wouldn't book for
> Christmas.

As I said in my other e-mail - lets just pick a pub somewhere

> I dunno about you guys but I won't be needing another portion of turkey
> around that time ;)

I like turkey - so I don't mind
> > Still if we are all in consensus as to no at Gatwick is there 
> > somewhere where
> > we can ensure 
> >
> > 1. Ease of Access for all members
> > 2. Good available parking and transport
> > 3. good choice of meals and drinks.
> > 4. options of after meal entertainment .... 
> On the first point:  Lets take a vote. Mail in (by Friday please - lets
> keep it breif) either for Gatwick, Brighton, or make a suggestion of your
> own.

My vote is for Brighton.


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