[Sussex] Christmas Meeting

Geoff Teale Geoff.Teale at claybrook.co.uk
Fri Nov 8 09:09:01 UTC 2002

Morning all..

Remember the vote for Christmas dinner locations ends today.  If you are
planning on attending then please give me your details.  My current
(anal-retentive alphabetised) list of people planning to attend is as
follows (please tell me if I'm wrong about something, and don't put it in
joke form as it may be difficult to differentiate):

Name 		:	Ablett, Gareth 	
Location	:	Brighton
Diet		:	No.
Name		:	Butler, Nik
Location	:	Gatwick
Diet		:	Giant Cockroach in human form :)	

Name		:	Crowhurst, John
Location	:	Brighton		
Diet.		:	Veggitarian

Name		:	Dobson, Steve 	
Location	:	Brighton		
Diet		:	Not that I've notived ;)

Name		:	Ellis, Tom 	
Location	:	Brighton		
Diet		:	no.

Name		:	Fautley, Jon
Location	: 	Brighton		
Diet		:	"A local diet for local people"

Name		:	Ford,	Natalie	
Location	:	Horsham		
Diet		:	No.

Name 		:	Macdonald-Wallace, Mathew J.	
Location	:	Brighton		
Diet		:	No.

Name		:	Nixon, Stuart
Location	:	Brighton		
Diet		:	No.

Name		:	Servini, Angelo	
Location	:	Gatwick		
Diet		:	No.

Name		:	Teale, Geoffrey	
Location	:	Brighton		
Diet		:	Lives as a hobo stealing corn and aubergines from

Name		:	Williams, Steve 	
Location	:	Horsham		
Diet		:	No.

geoff.teale at claybrook.co.uk

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