[Sussex] Back up software.

Neil Ford neil at smudgypixels.net
Mon Nov 11 23:12:01 UTC 2002

On 11/11/02 10:57 am, "Dominic Clay" <dominic.clay at europrospectus.com>

> Hi,
> Does anybody have any good pointers to backup software I can run from a
> Linux server to backup an NT DMZ environment (our web DMZ is currently an NT
> workgroup)
> For the sake of a newbie...
> 1. Can I just set up a tape drive, maybe smbmount the NT shares and tar them
> to tape?
> 2 Are there any issues re: drivers for standard HP tape drives?
> If this was possible, how would I do it in practice?
> Dominic

Check out Amanda (http://www.amanda.org/), open source backup software that
does exactly what you want. Supports proper tape rotation strategies,
produces understandable reports, and just works.

No server environment should be without it.

Neil Ford

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