[Sussex] Sulking...

Macdonald-Wallace, Matthew J s0209208 at glos.ac.uk
Wed Nov 13 11:14:01 UTC 2002

>Surrounded by dodgy old beige compaq PC's and nasty black 
>Dell's it seems to
>have a feint aura around it.  It appears like an angel in a war zone.

LOL, you shuold see the computers I'm dealing with at uni, they're old RM
machines that don't have CD drives, never mind a CD-RW one!  They connect
over a 10Mb connection to a terminal server cluster on a different campus.
They are, in a word, pants.

>So my question is - what's a purdy UltraSparc III server doing 
>in a place
>like this, and why isn't it coming to my desk.

$covert_operation = "go";
$nick_it = "true"
echo "Bastards... :o(";



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