[Sussex] Sulking...

Neil Ford neil at smudgypixels.net
Wed Nov 13 13:26:01 UTC 2002

On 13/11/02 10:46 am, "Geoff Teale" <Geoff.Teale at claybrook.co.uk> wrote:

> Hmmm,
> My Spider-sense was tingling just now.. so I went out to the support office
> to see what was going on...
> ...There sitting on the side was a 1U grey and purple box with a rather
> large white logo on the top.
> Surrounded by dodgy old beige compaq PC's and nasty black Dell's it seems to
> have a feint aura around it.  It appears like an angel in a war zone.
> So my question is - what's a purdy UltraSparc III server doing in a place
> like this, and why isn't it coming to my desk.
> I'm now officially sulking.. ..making me code VB is bad enough... waving
> Solaris under my nose whilst I do it is just down right cruelty.

Well if it's a Solaris box amongst a bunch of winblows machines, chances are
it hasn't been hardened....

So, w00t the box, get yourself a shell account and at least you'll have
something to play with whilst the VB code compiles :-)

Neil Ford

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