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Angelo Servini Angelo.Servini at claybrook.co.uk
Tue Nov 26 15:54:01 UTC 2002

A man was starting his new job as a zoo-keeper.  His first job was to
muck-out the Pirhana tank.  Suddenly, one of the fish started attacking him.
He promptly killed the fish with his spade.  "Oh no.. he exclaimed, now what
do I do? to hide this fact, he thought to himself, "the Lions will eat
anything! I'll feed the fish to them".

A few hours later, he had to clean the ape cage.  Again he was attacked by
angry primates.  With one mighty swipe of his spade he felled them all in
one blow (strong fella - I would'nt want to mess with him!).  Guess what!
you said it, he fed them to the ... lions.

At the end of the day, just one job was remaining.  To clean out the African
Bee hives. Again the plucky zoo-keeper was attacked.  He frantically stamped
and mashed the infuriated bees until peace reigned supreme.  Again he fed
these to the Lions.

The next day a new Lion from Africa was arriving.  The Lion asked his mates
"Hi fellas, whats the grub like?".  The other Lions exclaimed "Brilliant!
Yesterday we had 'Fish', 'Chimps' and 'Mushy Bees'!".


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