[Sussex] LINUX Magazines (was : Good LINUX programming tutorial)

Nik Butler nik at wired4life.org
Wed Nov 27 08:51:01 UTC 2002

> I'd still say that if you only have funds for one magazine subscription tha
> I'd go for LINUX Journal instead - it's a lot more indepth than LINUX
Hmm theres two ways I could go here........
my way would be to comment that supporting your local Linix Magazine/Format/user demonstrates to publishers and editors that a genuine interest exists within the UK community for these publications.  More interest will equate to more publications and a greater diversiry of information and knowledge. more advertising will off course ensue and as a aresult more loose leaf a5  adverts will appear . This creates a larger amount of newsagents embarassment as you casually attempt to peruse articles of your favourite publicatoin ignoring the snowfall cascade of lterature advising you of the latest version of Serif Page Draw 5. In turn more litter and kibble is created cloggin up the arteries of our shopping malls and high streets.......... 

hang on  better yet just subscribe to what you want....

Me ...I subscribe to Maxim and Sports Illustrated, the Swimsuit edition !


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