[Sussex] New Lappy

Gareth Ablett Gareth.Ablett at itpserve.co.uk
Wed Aug 11 08:49:46 UTC 2004

Hmm some good info thanks, I've decided it need to purchase a 802.11b
card plus access point to get anywhere but but this info gives me hope
that I may be abal eto do it.

I still need to find a battery for this thing but its portable if its
plugged in :).

I'll keep you posted on results, btw the specs are.

# 66MHz Intel 486 DX2 Processor
# 8Mb RAM 
# 316Mb Hard Disk 
# floppy drive, no cdrom
# intel 14.44 pcmcia modem ( gonna dump this )

pic - http://www.telkman.co.uk/ebay/lap1.jpg

Gareth Ablett
Systems Developer

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> On Mon, Aug 09, 2004 at 06:41:22PM +0100, Gareth Ablett wrote:
> > hi all,
> >
> > I just obtained a classic piece of hardware its an aci laptop it has
> > network currently and only floppy.
> >
> > The hd is about 300 I believe and i'm looking to change it from
win95 to
> > linux any sugestions for a distro that would install by floppy and
> > possible contain a minimal desktop enviroment.  flux or the like.
> >
> I'm using Slackware 10 (Linux 2.4.26) on a laptop with the following
> specs, if I remember right:
> 50mhz i486 processor
> 16mb RAM
> 450mb HD
> floppy drive, no cdrom
> orinoco 802.11b card
> Here's a picture post-restoration: http://www.loonix.net/laptor.jpg :D
> Alas, no desktop environment; but it's fine for a small ssh console,
> kismet and some light work. I did a network install over NFS, it's
> pretty comfortable in terms of disk usage since it's a rather minimal
> install. Starts quite quickly, too. The battery was dead but I was
> lucky enough to find one on ebay for 50p :)
> Hope this helps,
> Alan
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