[Sussex] GUI toolkits

Alan F alan at slug.greenmeads.co.uk
Wed Aug 11 10:01:26 UTC 2004


I'm writing an app in perl to compare the differences between two
directories (files new, more recent etc) and present the user with
some kind of interface asking them what they want to update. I've
written what it needs to detect differences and it seems to be working
fine. This is probably the easy part :)

I need this so I can synchronise stuff between my 2 boxes (over NFS),
and the only tools for linux I could find weren't interactive like I
wanted. It's being loosely modeled off this app I used to have for
Windows: http://www.tgrmn.com/web/screenshots/images/compare_pro.gif

What I've written so far: http://bitbucket.loonix.net/imir.pl
I'd be interested in any good criticism of this, since it's my first
real perl script and it could be 

Anyway, now I've got to the part of writing the GUI code, I was
wondering if anyone has had experience and which toolkit they would
recommend. The choices I seem to have are GTK, Qt, ncurses or Tk... Qt
being one I don't want to use at all, the others I wouldn't mind if they
worked well. The fact I'm using perl doesn't seem to be an issue, since it
just gives access to the same functions as they would be in c as far as I
can tell.


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