[Sussex] New Lappy

John Crowhurst fyremoon at fyremoon.net
Wed Aug 11 17:15:27 UTC 2004

> Hmm some good info thanks, I've decided it need to purchase a 802.11b
> card plus access point to get anywhere but but this info gives me hope
> that I may be abal eto do it.

I was thinking of suggesting networking using serial if you can't find a
network card that works. It would be like 'laplink' only with TCP/IP.

> I still need to find a battery for this thing but its portable if its
> plugged in :).

You could check with the manufacturer, or a search on google might bring
up some pointers.

> I'll keep you posted on results, btw the specs are.
> # 66MHz Intel 486 DX2 Processor
> # 8Mb RAM
> # 316Mb Hard Disk
> # floppy drive, no cdrom
> # intel 14.44 pcmcia modem ( gonna dump this )
> pic - http://www.telkman.co.uk/ebay/lap1.jpg

You could try kdrive (formerly TinyX) or microwindows instead of X, as
they are very compact replacements for X for embedded systems. The
hardware is practically an embedded system.


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