[Sussex] cash drawer programming

Dominic Clay dominic.clay at beddowsbooks.co.uk
Thu Aug 12 15:53:07 UTC 2004

Hi all,

I am thinking about writing myself an epos system for my wonderful book

I would, of course, like to produce some oss.

I am thinking that it would need:

1. gui app for the till interface (QT?)
2. database (postgreSQL?)
3. middle tier module for controling the cash drawer (???)
4. report producing module for end of day totals etc (???)

I would like to leave the system open enough to be able to write modular
'plugin' components for such things as 'customer orders' etc.

My first requirement will be to be able to control (open and shut) a cash
register type drawer.  I have seen pictures of these things which are like
cash registers without the cash register :).  In effect they are just the
drawer with the money in it.

I want to be able to open and shut a cash drawer from my app. I have no
experience of anything like this.  I assume it would probably communicate
via a serial port?

Is there any one with experience of programming for this kind of equipment
on the list???
Even better, does anyone know of one of these cash drawer thingies for

I have seen _one_ of these for sale.  Here is a link to the manual for the
one I have seen.  Does this seem usable?  Should someone of my beginner
status with serial port programming attempt such things?


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