[Sussex] cash drawer programming

John Crowhurst fyremoon at fyremoon.net
Thu Aug 12 20:39:21 UTC 2004

> Hi all,
> I am thinking about writing myself an epos system for my wonderful book
> I would, of course, like to produce some oss.
> I am thinking that it would need:
> 1. gui app for the till interface (QT?)
> 2. database (postgreSQL?)
> 3. middle tier module for controling the cash drawer (???)
> 4. report producing module for end of day totals etc (???)

Have a look at easypos:

You might have some luck with:

> I would like to leave the system open enough to be able to write modular
'plugin' components for such things as 'customer orders' etc.
> My first requirement will be to be able to control (open and shut) a
> register type drawer.  I have seen pictures of these things which are
> cash registers without the cash register :).  In effect they are just
> drawer with the money in it.

I don't think you can close the drawer, but you can trigger the drawer to
open using the serial port. Usually the unit reminds the cashier to close
it by making a noise. It could be dangerous to close the drawer in case
you snapp someone's finger in it.

> I want to be able to open and shut a cash drawer from my app. I have no
experience of anything like this.  I assume it would probably
> via a serial port?

I've not found one that can be closed. I found one on Ebay that has this
for an open script in Qbasic:

OPEN "COM1:300,N,8,1" FOR RANDOM AS #1
PRINT #1, "0000000000"

I don't think it cares what it receives, as long as it receives something.

> Is there any one with experience of programming for this kind of
> on the list???
> Even better, does anyone know of one of these cash drawer thingies for

Try ebay.co.uk or do a simple search on google for cash drawer.

> I have seen _one_ of these for sale.  Here is a link to the manual for
> one I have seen.  Does this seem usable?  Should someone of my beginner
status with serial port programming attempt such things?

The one I saw on Ebay had a three wire serial interface:
Pin 3: RXD - Activation from host
Pin 5: GND - Ground
Pin 9: RI - Drawer status.


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