[Sussex] 2 questions (probably stupid)

John Crowhurst fyremoon at fyremoon.net
Sat Aug 14 18:50:37 UTC 2004

> Hi list,
> The first Q, is that I want to have a go at building a website. Fine.
Problem is, that the more I read about how this is actually done, then
the greater the confusion.
> So could anyone suggest a book that I could lay my hands on that can
explain how this is done - preferably in "normal" english, as part of my
confusion stems from not really understanding what is being explain by
virtue of "techie speak"

I would start online, Wired's Webmonkey is a good place to start. Under
the Authoring section is a HTML basics section which helps you understand
the elements of HTML, and you can also learn the stages beyond that for

As your skills improve, there is a section for tables, frames and
stylesheets, dynamic HTML and XML.

The fact that it is all free is a bonus too.

> Second Q, is that having got my head round evolution 1.4, how in hell's
name do I empty the "trash" folder. I (as I suspect you do) get a
variety of spam, which just get's the trash can treatment - though it
now appear's that my "trash" has over a 1000 item's in it. I'm unable to
locate a delete facility, or preferably a bulk delete facility - any
pointers greatly appreciated.

Have you tried clicking with the right mouse button on the Trash to see if
there is a simple "Empty Trash" option?

Apparently from a google search, if you look in the Actions Menu there is
an option to Empty Trash.


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