[Sussex] 2 questions (probably stupid)

John D. big-john at dsl.pipex.com
Sat Aug 14 18:27:36 UTC 2004

Hi list,

The first Q, is that I want to have a go at building a website. Fine.
Problem is, that the more I read about how this is actually done, then
the greater the confusion.

So could anyone suggest a book that I could lay my hands on that can
explain how this is done - preferably in "normal" english, as part of my
confusion stems from not really understanding what is being explain by
virtue of "techie speak"

Something that explains html, xhtml and css would be excellent, but as
the list of stuff available via amazon run's to some 90 different pub's,
a personal recommendation would be brilliant.

Second Q, is that having got my head round evolution 1.4, how in hell's
name do I empty the "trash" folder. I (as I suspect you do) get a
variety of spam, which just get's the trash can treatment - though it
now appear's that my "trash" has over a 1000 item's in it. I'm unable to
locate a delete facility, or preferably a bulk delete facility - any
pointers greatly appreciated.


John D.

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