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Gareth Ablett Gareth.Ablett at itpserve.co.uk
Fri Aug 27 08:30:20 UTC 2004

 From: Thomas Adam [mailto:thomas at edulinux.homeunix.org]
 Subject: Re: [Sussex] Simple OOP tutorial
> On Thu, Aug 26, 2004 at 06:03:44PM +0100, Matthew Macdonald-Wallace
> > Hi guys,
> >
> > The subject says it all, I'm after a simple OOP tutorial as I just
> > seem to get my head around the concept of Classes.  I'm using PHP,
> Heh, OOP and PHP is an oxymoron.

I wouldn't call it an Oxymoron as I still has OO methods within its
language and even more so with PHP5 which is now on a full release.

> > I'm willing to take tutorials in most languages that are C-style.

If its for PHP you want to know OOP then C is somewhat different and
probably not a good idea to look at unless you are going to be using C.

With the newer php5 nearly all tutorials you will find at the moment
that are for PHP5 will be using classes so just do a plain google
search. Failing that I got some good links I can hook out later tonight
> You'll find it hard-pushed to find a language-agnostic OOP tutorial.
> Give: http://www.programmingtutorials.com a look.
> -- Thomas Adam
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