[Sussex] USB Printer help.

Derek Harding derek at lagham.uklinux.net
Fri Aug 27 13:27:45 UTC 2004


I'm sorry to have missed the do last night - seems to have generated
some topics!

I have encountered a problem here that is confusing me.
SuSE9.1 as LTSP server, CUPS for the printeers and USB HP3325 deskjet.
All connected once and worked well, including Epson Perfect 1260 USB

Suddenly, the printer stopped printing. Nothing locked in the queue,
usbview shows the printer is there and functional. Swapped the usb port
in use, no difference. Scanner scans fine. But printing went straight
down the black hole.

Changed the printer for a Canon USB. That was also found by usbview. No

Removed CUPS and replaced with LPRNG. Went back to the HP. No change,
still all goes down the black hole.

I have now reloaded CUPS. It finds and configures the HP and the test
finds the printer OK it's just that everything printed disappears!


Best wishes,

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