[SWLUG] UKUUG - Linux Developers Conference.

phil philip.downer at btinternet.com
Thu Apr 18 18:31:55 UTC 2002

The Uk Unix Users Group (UKUUG) is holding this years linux developers
conference at the University of Bristol, it is a 4 day long conference
and has some high profile speakers such as Marcelo Tosatti, Michael
Meeks and Dave Jones (well I had to mention someone from South Wales
didn't I). 

Unfortunately if you want to attend any of the talks then I think you
need to join the UKUUG which is £35.00 for adults and £20.00 for
students. There is also the cost of accomadation which is £28.00 a night
in the student Halls or £45 at a local hotel, however Bristol is
probably close enough that some people on this list could travel there
and back by train or car every day. Altough if you wanted to submit a
paper and do a talk I think they'll pay for your accomadation and let
you into the conference without being a member.

I went to the one that was held last year in Manchester and really
enjoyed it, the talks were very good and the discussions that went on
over lunch or in the pub at night were even better.

The details listed below are taken from a mail to the UKUUG lists.

UKUUG - LINUX Developers' Conference & Tutorial

4th July (Tutorials)  5th - 7th July (Conference)

Bristol, UK

full information now available:



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