[SWLUG] Trouble writing windows hard disk from Red Hat

Justin Mitchell justin at discordia.org.uk
Wed May 15 09:53:06 UTC 2002

On 14 May, Neil Jones wrote:
> Can anyone answer this?
> I have two hard disks on my system. One has linux. The other has windose 98.
> I use the Linux one most of the time only reverting to windows when 
> absolutely necessary.
> I am finding it impossible to write to the windows disk. It is set up as 
> /mnt/winc/
> I can read files with no problem. The permissions seem OK. I know someone 
> else who has had the same problem but has no solution.

If you have the windows disk automatically mounted by fstab, then by
default, the files will be readable by everyone but only writable by
root, there are many ways to fix this.

You can as dick bain suggests, change the fstab options so that all the
files are world writable instead of only root writable.

Another way is to make the mount noauto,user  so that any user can
mount the disk, and when they do mount it, all the files inside appear
to belong to them, so other users on the system cant change them at the
same time.

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