[SWLUG] Re: Hangups eand ISPs

Rhys Sage rhys_sage at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 6 14:47:46 UTC 2004

Thanks for all the responses.

The problem with SME is that using SME's control panel
I can tell the system to dial my ISP but it has no
control panel option for hanging up.

Instead, it hangs up automatically after an adjustable
delay period. That delay is calculated from the last
pop/smtp/http data request and ranges from 5 minutes
to 30 minutes. I tend to prefer a clean break so that
I can command the system to hang up and know that I
can use the phone as a phone. It has been suggested
that the following be used to hang up: "service diald
restart" although its use is not apprently recommended
by Mittel.

Having discovered that I can't have broadband, i'm
stuck with narrowband. I have just discovered why I
haven't been receiving much email - people just have
not been receiving my emails. I sent a test email
yesterday via Freeserve and thus far, out of 50
recipients sent to via Freeserve and subsequently
questioned via Yahoo mail, 12 have not received my
Freeserve email.

Obviously it's time for a new ISP. 25% failure does
not merit 15p let alone £15 per month.

I've done a little investigating and it seems that
most ISPs offer half the things I need and the rest
offer the other half.

I'm considering splitting my email service provider
from my web service provider because I need to have my
own domain. Does anybody have any experience/advice on

Regarding dial-up, I'm OK with a 2-hourly
disconnection but I do need to be able to be online as
much as I want without worrying about
daily/weekly/monthly limits. Any suggestions?


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