[SWLUG] Keyboard shortcuts in GNOME

Steve Anderson steve at twindx.com
Wed May 12 13:05:25 UTC 2004

Hello again =)

I've installed Mandrake 10.0 Community, thanks to Linux Format shoving 
it on the cover, and it's great. It's geared me up to finally get all 
the hardware to work properly, and here's where my question heads...

I've got a multimedia keyboard do-dah. I've seen a program called 
HotKeys (or something like that) which runs as a daemon and converts 
your extra key presses to commands. That's fine but I think it's a touch 
of overkill - I don't care if I have an OSD. I saw in Linux Format (not 
a bad magazine, except for the masses of spelling and gramatical errors) 
the use of xev to get keycodes for the extra keys and give them F-key 
labels, which is more my thing. However, the example in there was to map 
these keys to do things in KDE. I know lots of people like KDE but I 
hate it! I've tried to find an equivalent way of doing it in GNOME but 
have, so far, drawn a blank.

Anyone got any ideas, or am I going to have to tinker with HotKeys?


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