[SWLUG] ID at Swanseas venue - 'The bank statement'

Telsa Gwynne hobbit at aloss.ukuu.org.uk
Thu May 13 07:59:50 UTC 2004

On Wed, May 12, 2004 at 11:38:08PM +0100 or thereabouts, kurupt | wrote:

(Can you tell your mailer to send text, not HTML? I saw a blank
message initially and had to start a browser to read it.)

> Just wondering, what's the general strictness of ID in the above venue
> and  Cardiffs?  I  don't  want to come and then have to watch from the

The Shot in the Dark in Cardiff is a sort of coffee-shop/cafe which
happens to sell some alcohol. I have never seen any age policy there.

The Swansea venue: hmm.

We started off by in, erm.. oh dear. The place that is now "SA1".
One LUG member brought his son once, and they were fine with that
once. Another time, he popped in and left his son kicking about
on the street. And another LUG member turned up on time for his
first LUG meeting, walked in, and was told to get lost because
he looked too young.

Then we moved to the Bank Statement which is one of those pubs
which do chain food pub grub. That had a "family area" in the
dining section. I believe it was only a family area until 6 or
7pm. I don't think anyone was ever kicked out, though.

Currently we are ensconced in the No Sign next to the Bank
Statement, which also does food (we've only been there twice,
but we were right at the back both times). I don't know their
policy, but it shouldn't be hard to pop in and ask.

> outside  window  lol.  iv  got  my first GCSE examination a day or two
> later  after  the next meeting so hopefully you will see a fresh face.
> Is  there any other news of a new Swansea venue? i live in the area so
> if  theres anything that i can do to help, id be more than happy to do
>  what i can.

Well, on past experience, the current Swansea venue has a good 
chance of being closed for refurbishment as soon as we get 
directions on the web site.

Whilst I'm on the subject, something related:

Attendances have been falling off recently, and I wonder
if it's because people want to do something other than sit in
a pub. What about organising some talks or something? I can 
think of a couple of venues in Swansea for small-scale stuff.
One is the Quaker Meeting House, which gets used for practically
everything. I haven't been to anything there, so I don't know
what they have. The other is either the little cafe area or the
"big" (erm, it's not, it's just bigger than the cafe) hall in the
back of Ty Tawe. No food (well, there are chocolate bars, a
cash box, and an honour system :)) but there is decent coffee, 
a bar, a big screen you can plug laptops into, power points, 
and the plus point that you can bring machines along and you 
are less likely to have someone spill stuff on them, shout 
"hey, get that out of here", or simply walk off with them. 
Both venues are more central than Swansea university, so
reachable if you don't live here already. The major problem I 
can think of is that people will have claims on rooms in them 
on particular nights already, either as a regular thing or one-offs. 

Would people be interested in the occasional talk? On what
sort of thing?  Anyone want to _give_ a talk? :) 

Finally, it's summer soon. And we _still_ haven't had the picnic
some of us were talking about last year :) I think we should hope
for a sunny day at a weekend or in halfterm, and have a picnic
somewhere nice. Not a beach party or a barbecue, just a picnic
in the daytime (hence weekend, halfterm, summer holidays, something
like that). Daytime gives people a chance to get there and back.

Also there was a plan about hiring a minibus and going up to
the Centre for Alternative Technology near Machynlleth once the
days were longer. Any takers on that one? Any drivers? It's
not quite Linux, but the place is a lot of fun. 

Oh yeah, whilst on stuff to think about, are we thinking of a
Linux Awareness day again? When? Where? Perhaps we should have
more publicity this time? And so on.


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