[SWLUG] ID at Swanseas venue - 'The bank statement'

nat nat at nuqe.net
Thu May 13 09:30:33 UTC 2004

earlier <hobbit at aloss.ukuu.org.uk> wrote...

> Would people be interested in the occasional talk? On what
> sort of thing?  Anyone want to _give_ a talk? :) 
i can give a talk/demo on zebra if folk are interested in that
kind of thing.

could also do one on asterisk and bring along some voip phones etc.

> Finally, it's summer soon. And we _still_ haven't had the picnic
> some of us were talking about last year :) I think we should hope
> for a sunny day at a weekend or in halfterm, and have a picnic
> somewhere nice. Not a beach party or a barbecue, just a picnic
> in the daytime (hence weekend, halfterm, summer holidays, something
> like that). Daytime gives people a chance to get there and back.

sounds good.

> Also there was a plan about hiring a minibus and going up to
> the Centre for Alternative Technology near Machynlleth once the
> days were longer. Any takers on that one? Any drivers? It's
> not quite Linux, but the place is a lot of fun. 

cool, also might be worth taking a minibus to the sept/oct linux
event in london. 



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