[SWLUG] cheap laser printers ?? YES !

Gareth Lewis Gareth.Lewis at patent.gov.uk
Thu May 13 09:33:14 UTC 2004


thanks for opinions and advice and thanks to Lyn Thomas at track2000 in Cardiff for letting me know about their second hand laser printers.  I now have a very used (+110000 pages) HP LJ6P that works fine (fast, good print quality no streaking or fading) and cost me 15 quid.  plus i found a toner cart for a tenner in pcworld (probably a crap one). so 1 aged laser printer + 1 toner cart = cost of a new replacement injet cart from those lovely lexmark people.  

I will try to donate some of my old kit to them in the future.  

The new options i found were either a new HP LJ1300 at about 250  or  a brother HL5150D at about 210 (which does duplex and has postscript 3 fonts).    the cheaper lasers all appear to be false economy IMHO. 


ps,  I've also increased the memory in the printer thanks to the ram that was left in a 486 pc that I dragged  from a skip one time i took the garden rubbish to the council tip.  The floppy drive from that machine is also working well. Also, some bits are now part of a valve guitar amp i built, and others in my bike lights.    

>>> "Gareth Lewis" <Gareth.Lewis at patent.gov.uk> 19 April 2004 11:33:24 >>>
Hi peeps,

Has anyone had a close look at the rash of 'cheap' laser printers that are on the market these days ?

I've noticed that some machines are available for around 100 quid BUT,   the one i looked at was a USB one - with dubious linux conpatability and a new cart was 70 quid !

is it still a better bet to spend (quite a lot) more initially and get a HP with ps and ethernet in the hope that any 'nix version should cope and i should be able to find recycled carts for a resonable price ?  

I don't print a whole lot of stuff at home, but that's partially the fault of my crappy inkjet. 


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