[SWLUG] ADSL Modem on USB in Debian

Foeh Mannay f.mannay at ntlworld.com
Thu May 13 20:55:28 UTC 2004

Hi, Tony.

A good first thing to look up is eciadsl - it's a userland modem driver  
that works with a fair collection of USB ADSL modems. I'm ashamed to  
admit I ran a Fujitsu USB ADSL modem for quite a while and, although it  
needed some options compiled into the kernel (not sure, some of them  
may be in the default kernel but they weren't in my home rolled one),  
it worked very well. Provided I left DMA enabled for the hard drive  
controllers it was not a problem.

I don't know of any other way of getting USB ADSL modems working.

Best of luck!


On 05/12/04 23:58:42, Tony Pursell wrote:
> Hi all
> Now I have X windows sorted, I need to get my link to the outside  
> word
> up and running.  (I can't keep rebooting into Windows to post on
> SWLUG, can I ?).  Can anyone give me a pointer or two for getting my
> ADSL modem on USB recognised and used?  I've installed Debian
> stable.
> Tony
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